Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update and News

So it has been awhile since posting, things went hectic when my dad got sick and it was touch and go as to the verdict of what was wrong and if we were gonna lose him or not. With this, there was no design time; all spare time not spent sleeping was spent helping my mom and being there for my dad and sister. Luckily, our prayers were answered and Daddy passed the one test that had us all worried.

Since getting the verdict that Daddy will be getting better and that we are not going to lose him... I have been creating and will be putting some new items in stores this week... I also learned a couple new things so there will be some of my new ventures in the stores this week as well.

Will be working on getting this blog in order this week as well... and will be posting my tou here on the blog as well as in stores.. and will have a couple freebies for you this week sometime as well... :)

Thank you all for your patience and that... it has been a rough couple of months... but things are surely looking bright again and going smoothly for now...

Hope you all have a great evening! Check back this week for some previews, and a freebie or two

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