Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks..and is just gonna get busier.. LOL Went home in May for my niece's baby shower, and of course got lots n lots of pictures from that (now just gotta get em all scrapped up LOL). Managed to get a lot done here in the house the past week or so since the weather has not been computer friendly in my neck of the woods (just a few more things to do and my summer cleaning will be all done..finally lol).

Getting ready for a friends wedding the end of this month, Brians birthday on the 28th, my in-laws anniversary on the 30th and of course getting ready for the big event -----Kaiden's Arrival!!! He is due on the 2nd of July (if he doesn't arrive by the morning of the 7th, they are going to induce labor as the dr is not comfortable with her going any longer than that as he is already a big boy. Now the family is already placing bets as to when he is gonna get here (she has dropped quite a bit)...

Great Grandpa says Kaiden will be here the 15th of June. Great Grandma says the 20th of June. Brian says the 28th of June (he really thinks that would be the best b-day present for him this year LOL). My in-laws (adopted great grandparent for Kaiden) say the 30th of June. Jessica keeps changing days (every morning it is he is coming today and that is that LOL). Great Great Grandpa says the 4th of July... as for me....well I am undecided (am leaning towards Jessica's answer....cause i can not wait for him to get here LOL)...

Then of course I have been playing in the garden the last couple of days....lots n lots of things to do over there. Fun, laughter, games, challenges, freebies.....if you aren't a member there yet, c'mon over and check us out....The Garden Parlor is a great place to make new friends, get lots of love on your layouts. Hope to see you all there!!

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